Hamahang Veterinary Pharmacists (P.J.S), has been constituted since 2005, with accompany of thirty active and effective veterinary pharmacies, in Tehran.
Since the main system of distribution network in Iran is active through veterinary pharmacies, Hamahang have a valuable bankroll in the field of preparation and distribution of veterinary pharmaceutical, therefore, a large amount of producer and importer companies express their tendency in having brilliant cooperation with Hamahang.
Hamahang glories that prepares and distributes the best quality products of the most reliable veterinary pharmaceutical producer companies and also in according to spread ourselves commercial and trade activities, we enterprise to obtain agency of European, American, East South Asian etc. due to considerable access to veterinary pharmaceutical market ,veterinary services and pharmaceutical registration in Iran, we try to increase our commercial partners out of Iran and develop our business activities. 
Our offer advantages are listed below:

  • central bureau
  •  entrepot
  •  transport system
  •  adequate technical and professional stuff

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